Pull For Scouting….

The Greater Alabama Sporting Clays Classic is celebrating over 20 years! 

Over the years, and with the help of our sponsors and participating teams, we have raised over $2 million to help fund the Scouting program in North and Central Alabama.  The Greater Alabama Council serves over 25,000 youth and 2,500 adult volunteers in 22 counties in Alabama.  Every year those youth are taught leadership and life skills that will support them throughout their life.

Our goal at the Greater Alabama Council is to make our programs available for all youth regardless of their circumstances or neighborhood.  Our sporting clay event helps to fund our Multi-Cultural Urban Emphasis program or Scout Reach.  Today, young people are faced with many challenges including fragile families and disintegrating neighborhoods. Scout Reach meets the developmental needs of youth in urban and rural settings. Scouting, by emphasizing ethics and moral values, addresses many of the social concerns of parents and youth in our country. Scouting prepares urban and rural youth to be leaders, to accept responsibility, and to care about principles and causes beyond their own self-interest. Our biggest asset in urban and rural neighborhoods is a well-defined program based on values, learning by doing, fun, and positive role models.

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